Monday, November 3, 2014

Tying up loose ends

This is our first blog and we are very new at how it all works, so please have patience with us.  We know that we can get comments from all of you on the blog, but if some of you are more comfortable then feel free to contact us with our e-mail addresses.

We have spent the previous week trying to tie up all the loose ends in our life as we get ready to leave for 18 months.  It sometimes feels like we live in a big bowl of spaghetti and we are trying to just FIND all the ends!

We are sure glad that we can take more than just a suitcase, but we end up with the same dilemma with a car.  We still need to decide what to take and what to leave.  We will have to see if it all fits in our car.  We may end up like the pioneers and have to leave a few things behind or throw things out along the way!

We have talked with the mission president and his wife a couple of times and they have told us where our apartment is in downtown Pittsburgh.  It will be all furnished and mostly equipped with necessities.  It also has a garage which will be a big advantage for the Pittsburgh winters.

We  will send an email out when we get there with our street address and let everyone know just what Pittsburgh is like.

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