Monday, February 2, 2015

Time Flies By

We spend our weeks driving around the city to appointments, visiting members, going to missionary meetings, hospital visits, ward activities, grocery shopping and we fit in sight seeing where we can.  The weeks seem to fly by from Sunday to Sunday.
We were able to fit in a visit to the Frick Art Museum this week, but realize that we actually have lots of art to see as we drive.  The building art at the left is one of the first we saw when we came to Pittsburgh.  It is on the side of a building very near our apartment. It is so cool how it was made to look three dimensional.

Along with the art museum, we took a tour of the home of Henry Clay Frick called "Clayton".  Mr. Frick was one of the richest  men in the world at one time.  He was good friends and business partners with Andrew Carnegie and Andrew Mellon.  It was very interesting to tour his home and imagine what the home and city were like during the "Gilded Age".  Pittsburgh was once one of the top six wealthiest, most influential cities in the world.

We were also invited to go to lunch at the home of the Hoskins again with the elders.  We went there on Christmas Day and enjoyed being with them.  Sister Hoskins is from Brazil and made a special dessert called "flan".  It's a little tricky to make it, but she said she has been doing it since she was 14 years old.

I asked her how to make it and so she spent a little extra time before lunch this week to show me how.  We served it last night for dessert after Sunday dinner with the elders and it was really good.  It is fun to expand our horizons a bit to different types of foods and culture.

We were also sad to have some of the Elders we have grown close to move on to different things this past week.  Elder Dennison and Bailey went home.  Elder Harper was made assistant to the Mission President and so he moved closer to the mission home and office.  He was delightful to have so near to us (in our same apartment building) and we will really miss him.

Elder LeBaron replaced Elder Harper. His companion is Elder Sorenson so we still have Elder Sorenson with us in the same apartment building.

One of Elder Harper's favorite things to do was come and relax in our apartment and take advantage of the comfy recliner that we have in the corner of the living room.  Elder's Sorenson and LeBaron didn't waste any time in taking over the recliner!

We have been so impressed with the caliber of young men and women who are serving missions here.  We get a weekly email from President Johnson and he sent a newspaper article about two elders in Hershey, PA.  It is quite far from us and we don't know the elders, but it really could have been written about any of the young men and women that we have met here.  Thought it was neat that they were recognized even though that is not why they did it.

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