Saturday, March 14, 2015


Who says that Friday the 13th is bad news?  We got the very best news that mission grandparents could ever get yesterday on 3/13/15.  And...... I think it's the biggest surprise we have EVER gotten.  

Megan found her mission call in the mailbox in the afternoon and she and her parents arranged for friends and family to gather at 8:45 pm Utah time.  Emily had previously arranged for everyone in the family to connect via Skype, but we were a little skeptical that it would actually work.

Anyway, it was 10:45 pm for us and Kent and Shelly, but one by one we got on Skype and it worked perfectly!  Of course Megan's family, Brent and Emily and their family, Megan's bishop, Alex, and some of their other friends were there. Megan stood in the living room to open the envelope.

We all made one 'stateside guess' and one 'foreign guess' beforehand and Heather put all the guesses on a big map.  Of course, the tension began to mount.  Jim and I wondered whose guess in the family would come closest.  The farthest thing on our minds was the Pennsylvania Pittsburgh mission.....BUT.....that is what came out of her mouth as she read the letter!!!  Our mouths dropped open and we began to suspect that Jared or maybe Kent had somehow done a 'fake' letter or something to trick us by pulling an early April Fool's joke.

Megan showed us the letter on the screen up close..... but we still didn't believe it.  Finally, they opened up her packet and showed us the picture of President and Sister Johnson.
Only then did we start to believe...  I started screaming so loud that we probably woke our neighbors up.

It turns out that Emily was the only one to actually guess Pittsburgh!

We tried to sleep last night and couldn't.  Today we had a ward activity.  We've almost been afraid to spread the news in case there was some weird mistake or something.  Anyway, I held it in as long as I could today at the activity and then finally told some of the sisters in the ward.  They were amazed also and very happy for us.  It just seems like that sort of thing hardly ever happens.   Then I took some time to 'facebook' a little. Thanks to all of those who have sent messages of congratulations.  Each of us talked to Megan again for a few minutes too. 

We actually just welcomed Megan's friend from St. George here last week at the transfer meeting and I also spoke on the phone with another one of her friends here about a medical issue.  Just lots of St. George connections all of a sudden.

All in all, it has been quite an unforgettable day, and I have had trouble concentrating on the missionary work at hand.  We will just try to work extra hard next week!!!

Tomorrow we have a long and busy day at church.  Sister Johnson has started giving me a few medical calls and I have follow up calls to make.  We are teaching two temple classes,  Jim is teaching a ward council training class, and he is also ordaining Peter to the office of priest in the Aaronic priesthood.  Tomorrow we are having some elders to dinner and we will enjoy spreading  the word to them also!

Like I said at first.  It's amazing, amazing news.  We are just so grateful and feel so blessed!

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