Wednesday, April 1, 2015

P-Day Blessings (Shopping really does pay off)

Had to post this quickly after the last one so if you haven't read our Easter post--then read that first!

The Strip District in Pittsburgh is called that because it's a strip of stores and businesses that are a mixture of restaurants, farmer's markets, and souvenirs.  It has Wholey's Fish, meat markets, Steelers gear, Peppi's sandwiches, a 'chocolate' store, and just about anything else that can be imagined.  It reminds us of the flea market in Hawaii or the Pier in Seattle....but on a much smaller scale.

Anyway, it is a fun place to walk around--- preferrably on a warm and sunny day.  We happened to go there for our P-day on Monday.   The temperature was around 50 degrees which is an improvement over the past several days.   The wind was blowing though, and so it seemed much colder.  We have heard so much about "The Strip" from elders and members that Pat, especially, wanted to get the shopping bug out of her system.

We walked around and shopped a little in the chocolate store (surprise, surprise).... and we were just about to head back to the car when our name badges came in handy.  It is fun to wear them because wherever we go people either give us odd stares or they come up and introduce themselves as members of the church.  Sometimes they tell us that they aren't members, but they know someone who is a member of the church.  Anyway, this
cute young couple had parked their van by where we were standing and she introduced herself and told us they were from Ohio and were members of the church. We felt an instant friendship with them.  Three of their children were in the car.  They had come to Pittsburgh on a spring break vacation.  We talked for a few minutes and they asked our advice about what to see and do while in Pittsburgh.  Seeing the age of their children, we both said immediately---"The Carnegie Science Center".  We just got through becoming "MUSEUM MEMBERS" a couple of

weeks ago and had made a quick visit last week to check it out.  We started to tell them about it and they said they had been told by others how great it was, but they were looking for more of the free stuff to do.  We certainly remember those days of trying to juggle the budget to take a whole family on vacation for a few days.  At that moment both of our minds went in the same direction for a change.... and we told them that we were "MUSEUM MEMBERS"!!!!  That means we can get extra guests in for free!

Since we were about ready to leave anyway, we offered to meet them at the Science Center.  They were so grateful and it was so fun for us.  It really made our P-day extra special and we felt we were able to be a small part of Heavenly Father just trying to bless a beautiful young family. We just got such a kick out of being at the right place at the right time!

Janie told us that she does digital scrapbooking and so she sent us a scrapbook page of the fun that they had the rest of the afternoon.


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