Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Senior trip, lots of rain, and 4th of July

Our mission president assigned us to plan some senior outings and conferences for the next few months so during the last part of June we planned a trip to Kirtland, Ohio and the Columbus temple.  We went with four other senior couples from the mission and, although it was a lot of driving, we had a very nice time.  We especially enjoyed spending a little extra time in the upstairs room of the John Johnston home.  We spent the night at the Hiram Inn at Hiram State College and then drove to Columbus the next day.  Our day in the temple was just very, very special and we were able to do ordinances for several family names.

We heard that Pittsburgh was known for 'bad weather' when we came here, but we hadn't really experienced it as that unusual until this past month.  It seems like it has definitely rained most days of the month.  

The trees and scrubs are exploding and everywhere is just so, so green.   Even so, the rain has not stopped many of our activities and missionary work.  Things dry out or soak in or drain off very quickly-- even after downpours that drop several inches of rain.  The elders who walk everywhere are affected the most by the unexpected rainstorms.  We were with them for dinner at a members home recently and they had to walk home in pouring rain.  They had forgotten umbrellas and so they decided to borrow garbage bags from the member.  Our car was not big enough for all of them so we offered to shuttle them back and forth to their apartments---but no----they said they wanted to make memories!

We are starting to get used to having unusual experiences crop up here.  We got a call from a 7th Ward bishopric member on Thursday asking if we could help with a funeral on Friday for some out of town members.  Turns out that they are from Atlanta-- very close to where Kent lives.  We visited with
them (John, his wife and 16 year old son) in their hotel early Friday morning and then helped with a small graveside service and dedication of the grave.  The service was for John's dad who had lived all of his life in Pittsburgh, died at 91, and was being buried next to his wife in a cemetery close by.  It was amazing how we got to know the family and had many close feelings and connections with them.  John, who is a non member of the church, has since had some good conversations on the phone with Jim since the funeral.  John has actually contacted Kent to see if they can get together with them at some point.  We just never know what to expect next!

Rain was in the forecast for the 4th of July and we wondered how things would turn out for all of the planned festivities.  It actually turned out to be quite a pleasant day and it was a beautiful evening for fireworks at Point State Park.  We went to a ward barbecue during the day at the home of one of the young couples in the 7th Ward.  Then we went to visit a member of the 1st Ward in the hospital and spent most of the afternoon there.  The mission president asked all missionaries to be home by 9:30 pm and so we ended up watching fireworks on TV.  We heard that the show here in Pittsburgh is the 4th biggest in the country and it really was spectacular.  Seeing the fireworks with the lights of the city reflected onto the river was pretty amazing---even on our little HDTV screen.  Maybe we'll get back here one day to see them in person down on the river!
Pittsburgh fireworks via TV

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